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Mr. Hu Ji Rong

Mr. Hu Ji Rong (胡繼榮), aged 54, is an independent non-executive Director of the Company. Mr. Hu graduated from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (江西財經學院) in 1983 and obtained a master degree in Business Administration from the Open University of Hong Kong in 2000. He holds a Certified Public Accountant license in the PRC. Mr. Hu has been the deputy head of Accounting Department in the College of Management of Fuzhou University (福州大學). Mr. Hu has taken up a number of public service positions including a specially contracted auditor (特約審計員) of the Fujian Provincial Audit Office (福建省審計廳) and a committee member of the Professional Conduct Committee of Fujian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (福建省註冊會計師協會). Mr. Hu has published numerous articles and research reports in the PRC. He is also a member of each of the Audit Committee, the Compensation Committee and the Nomination Committee of the Company.

Executive Directors
Mr. Sun Shao Feng
Chairman, Managing Director & Founder
Mr. Wang Jinhuo
Independent Non-Executive Directors
Mr. Hu Ji Rong
Mr. Wei Xiongwen
Mr. Zeng Shaoxiao
Ms. Yu Xiao Min

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