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Mr. Sun Shao Feng
Chairman, Managing Director & Founder

Mr. Sun Shao Feng (孫少鋒), aged 45, is the Chairman, managing director and founder of the Group since its establishment. Mr. Sun is mainly responsible for the overall management, business development, strategic planning and sales and marketing functions of the Group. He has many years of management experience in the agricultural industry. Prior to joining the Group in May 1998, he had worked for the government office of Fuzhou City (福州市委). He is also a committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of the Fujian Province Quanzhou City (中國人民政治協商會議泉州市委員會) and the vice-president of the Hui An County Association of Industry and Commerce (惠安縣工商業聯合會). Mr. Sun's accomplishment is widely recognized by the PRC government. In 2000, he was accredited with the top 10 young entrepreneurs as well as the Model Labour of Quanzhou City. In 2001, he was nominated by the Central Office of the Communist Youth Group (共青團中央辦公廳) as one of the National Villages Young Entrepreneurial Leaders (全國農村青年創業致富帶頭人). He was honorably awarded the "2009 Top 10 Outstanding Chinese Agricultural Economics Industry Entrepreneurs" (「2009中國農經產業十大優秀企業家」) during the "Third Session China Agricultural Economics Industry Development Forum" (「第三屆中國農經產業發展論壇」) (the "Forum") and the "2009 China Agricultural Economics Industry Elite Ceremony" (「二零零九中國農經產業傑出人物頒獎典禮」) which are held jointly by the China Agricultural Magazine of the Agriculture Ministry (農業部中國農村雜誌社) and the China Academy of Management Science, and he was appointed as an executive of the Forum. He graduated in July 2002 from Correspondence College of the Central School of the Communist Party of China (中共中央黨校函授學院) majoring in Economics and Management.

Executive Directors
Mr. Sun Shao Feng
Chairman, Managing Director & Founder
Mr. Wang Jinhuo
Independent Non-Executive Directors
Mr. Hu Ji Rong
Mr. Wei Xiongwen
Mr. Zeng Shaoxiao
Ms. Yu Xiao Min

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